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10 BEST CAMERA ACCESSORIES - The Independent, 14 February 2005

As chosen by technology expert Mark Harris

Portaflash 5-in-1 reflector £33
A multi-functional reflector is the next best thing to a set of portable studio lights. By swapping the coloured faces, you can warm up skin tones (gold), eliminate harsh shadows (white) or create sharper edges (black). The Portaflash folds up to fit in your camera bag and measures a generous 80cm when expanded - but remember that you’ll need an assistant to hold it.
Jessops (0800 652 6400,

Hama Linear Polarising Filter £15.99-38.99
There are still some effects that image editing software can’t reproduce. This screw-in filter, for example, deepens colours and reduces glare by eliminating unwanted reflected light. It’s great for landscape photography and is almost essential if you’re shooting scenes on water or through glass. It’s available in sizes from 49mm to 82mm diameter, but check first that your lens has a filter thread.
Hama (0845 2304262;

Canon Pixma i6000D printer £200
Create stunning A4 prints without turning on your computer. The i6000D can read images from most memory cards, print direct from modern PictBridge-compatible cameras and even accept camera phone snaps via an infrared port. The large 2.5-inch screen lets you edit and trim your photos, before the sophisticated six-colour ink system delivers beautiful, borderless prints in minutes.
Canon (08705 143 723,

Elio Photo Jukebox £300
The latest MP3 players don’t just store thousands of tunes, they double up as portable photo albums, too. The 20Gb Elio can transfer thousands of images from Secure Digital memory cards or even direct from some digital cameras, using new USB On The Go technology. It has a 2.2-inch colour screen for viewing slideshows and, if you buy a decent pair of earphones, sounds as good as anything from Apple.
Intro 2020 (01628 674411,

Gitzo Mountaineer 1028 £280
Forget heavy, old-fashioned alloy tripods – today’s carbon fibre supports are light, flexible and stronger than ever. This four-section tripod can carry cameras weighing up to 3kg and packs down to just 45cm. You’ll need to budget an extra £50 or so for a head – the lightweight magnesium G1077M model will keep the total weight to a backpack-friendly kilogram.
Hasselblad ( 020 8903 3435,

Aquapac Compact camera case £20
This tough UV-stabilised polymer bag is the cheapest way to get started in underwater photography. The lens port is optically clear vinyl, and the bag seals with an airtight hermetic seal. It will protect a small film or digital camera during snorkelling or shallow diving (down to 5 metres), and will float safely if dropped. Larger cases are available for SLRs and even camcorders.
Aquapac (020 7738 4466,

Digital LCD Shade £15.99-16.99
Even the brightest screens on the most expensive digital cameras can be difficult to see in direct sunlight. This clever solution simply shades the display, enabling you to frame and review shots, whatever the weather. It fits screens from 1.5- to 1.8-inches in size (or up to 2-inches for an extra pound) and also helps to protect the LCD against bumps and scrapes.
Jessops (0800 652 6400,

Lowepro DryZone 100 bag £140
If a camera bag is the best insurance you can buy for your equipment, then the DryZone is the equivalent of a fully comprehensive worldwide policy. Not only is it padded, zippered and compartmentalised to cushion falls, it’s also totally water- and dust-proof, and buoyant even when packed to the brim. The rucksack is large enough for an SLR with lenses, and comes with mesh pockets, holders and loops galore.
Lowepro (01902 864646;

MemoryFrame Digital Photo Frame £400
Refresh your walls with this unique LCD photo frame. It stores up to 80 high resolution digital images, displaying them as a slideshow on its 10.4-inch screen and even accompanying them with music or commentary from built-in speakers. You can update the gallery direct from most digital cameras and memory cards – or beam images across wirelessly from a WiFi-capable computer.
2 Tech (0870 760 6676;

Ansmann Digispeed 4 Ultra charger £60
Whether you use a 35mm compact camera or an expensive digital SLR, one thing’s certain – you’ll get through a lot of batteries. This new charger can power up four AA or AAA cells in as little as 10 minutes, and comes supplied with four high capacity NiMH rechargeable batteries. It automatically detects faulty cells and trickle charges batteries so that they’re always at peak capacity.
Ansmann (0870 609 2233,

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