Mark Harris
10 BEST CORDLESS GADGETS - The Independent, 3 May 2004

Is your home snarled up with cables and strangled by cords? Technology expert Mark Harris cuts through the tangle with ten easy to use wireless widgets…

Tefal Ultraglide 1690 Cordless Iron £60
Ironing isn’t the most exciting of household chores, so why not try a spot of ‘extreme ironing’ out in the garden or on the roof with this cordless model? The Ultraglide 1690 is anti-drip, self-cleaning and can remove creases from delicate fabrics without even touching them thanks to its vertical steam function.
Tefal (0845 602 1454;

Philips VL1200 Wireless TV Link £60
You can broadcast DVD, satellite or Freeview signals to a second TV anywhere in your home with these simple video senders. Just connect the transmitter box to your video or satellite downstairs and plug in the receiver unit upstairs. The system even relays signals from remote controls so that you’re always in charge.
Philips (0870 900 9070;

Logitech diNovo Media Desktop £160
This wireless three-piece kit uses Bluetooth radio signals to communicate with your PC, Bluetooth mobile phone or PDA. The keyboard and optical mouse are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and the detachable MediaPad can remotely control your computer, act as a stand-alone calculator and display e-mail notifications.
Logitech (020 7309 0127;

Neo S Wireless Controller for X Box £24.99
In the excitement of blasting aliens or screeching round racetracks, it’s all too easy to pull the plug on your computer game controller – and your high score. This radio-frequency wireless controller has full analogue and digital joysticks, a 1Mbps response rate to eliminate time lag and lets you kick ass from anywhere in the room.
Joytech (0800 389 9647;

Philips Streamium MC-i250 £500
Who wants to sit at their computer to listen to their MP3s and Internet radio stations? This hi-fi uses a broadband modem and Wi-Fi router (supplied) to let you access tunes and webcasts from your PC, anywhere in the house. Sound quality is good but it’s the concept of never-ending music that makes the Streamium a wireless winner.
Philips (0870 900 9070;

Ewbank 135 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner £72
At last, a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t suck. The British-made Ewbank does away with cables to coil, sockets to change and even bags to empty. Its lightweight cyclone-suction system is powered by a rechargeable battery that gives around 20 minutes of cleaning time from a single charge.
Ewbank (01282 835841;
Pioneer DCS-515 Home Cinema System £300
Completely cordless home cinema has yet to arrive, but this surround sound system is the next best thing. The DVD player has wired subwoofer, centre and front speakers, plus a single wireless rear speaker that uses Direct Diffuse technology to bounce sound around for realistic audio reproduction.
Pioneer (01753 789500;

Sennheiser RS120 headphones £60 --- BEST BUDGET BUY
For superbly crisp and natural stereo sound wherever you’re sitting, try these lightweight cordless headphones. The base station has a built-in battery charger and a generous 100-metre range means that you might even be able to pop down to the shops without interrupting your audio experience.
Sennheiser (01494 551551;

Sharp Aquos LCD TV £530 --- BEST LUXURY BUY
The world’s first wireless TV can be carried to any room in your house and still receive TV, satellite or video signals from its central transmitter box. The 15-inch flat-screen LCD display looks crisp and colourful and is (just) bright enough for use outside in the garden.
Sharp (0800 262958;

Trust 140BM LCD Wireless Observation System £100 --- BEST BUY
Everyone has something they treasure at home, whether it’s Junior sleeping upstairs or a shiny new car in the garage. This domestic CCTV system lets you see (and hear) your pride and joy on a 4cm colour LCD screen, up to a range of 100 metres. The camera will transmit automatically when it hears a sound and even has infrared night vision.
Trust (0845 609 0036;

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