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My work has spread beyond dead trees. Here are some links to some of the websites and blogs I've written for - news stories, individual reviews, opinion pieces and group tests. Apologies for any expired links - these guys redesign every 10 minutes.

The Magazine Medium Stuff USA blog
The Magazine Medium Cnet Stuff
Smart, sassy and unexpected - it's a real privilege to be a writer for this new venture. Check out my feature on Seattle's troubled boring machine for this amazing blog. I've written features and reviews, covering everything from NASA interviews to pet gadgets. I've been writing for Stuff online since day one, including a long-time blog, news and reviews. Pocket Lint Tech Radar  Pocket Lint Tech Radar   
I wrote regular columns and lots of product reviews for this online version of the print mag. Probably the best daily news tech blog. Here's just some of what I've done for them. Here's a solidly excellent tech blog from Future Publishing. I've written news, reviews and more.  

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