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The autonomous car’s reality check A hitherto-obscure piece of physics may be the secret to ocean power generation Teaching tomorrow - Sebastian Thrun: The pioneer of Google’s autonomous cars wants to teach people how to face the future
 Maps for autonomous cars   Wave power  Brain Scan - Sebastian Thrun 

Wireless charging - Coiled and ready to strike A handy collaborator Jail birds - nefarious drone enterprise
 Wireless power   Portable robots  Jail birds - drone criminals 

Medical Robots - to the point Emergency medicine - someone to hold your hand Exploring the ocean - Ambassdor to Neptune's Kingdom
 Medical injection robot   Companion care  Oceangate sub 

Oceanography - Acid test for the high seas Brain Scan - Medicine by numbers -  Susan Ellenberg Speech recognition - Watch what you say
 Acid test for the high seas   Brain Scan - Susan Ellenberg  Video lip reading 

Neurostimulation - hacking your brain Cryptography - note to future self Ebola hackathon
 Hacking your brain   Encrypted time capsules  Ebola hackathon 

Film projection - the next picture show Brain Scan - Tesla's electric man - JB Straubel  
 Laser film projection   Brain Scan - JB Straubel  

Wind power - upward spiral A glide path to knowledge Science on the web - Social net, working
 Spiral wind power   Arctic sea ice robots  DERP - science on the web 

Net neutrality - Faux go slow Brain Scan - George Church - Welcome to my genome Petal to the metal - driverless trucks
 Net neutrality   Brain Scan - George Church  Driverless flower trucks 

The Antikythera mechanism MkII? A new bug killer Brain Scan - Paul Allen - Microsoft's other mogul
 Antikythera MkII?   Nanotech - a new bug killer  Brain Scan - Paul Allen 

 Indoor farms in the city   What happened to biofuels?  Zero G airlines 

 Drone operators' union   Safer batteries for aircraft  Citizen science satellites 

 Gruel today, gruel tomorrow   The webcam will see you now  Internet epidemiology 

 Biomedical scaffolding   AR: Eye, captain  Bricks, bits and mortar 

 Conquering babel   A third world dimension  Finding the way inside 

 Space lifts: A lunatic idea?   Wooden skyscrapers  Flushed with pride 

 Colour blind   Back to the garage  Fly me to the moon 

 When code can kill or cure   Going platinum  Outsourcing is so last year 

 Google's Solve For X   A ticking time bomb   Brain Scan - Burt Rutan 

 Open source surgical robots   Give me your Gucci-clad masses   Influenza
Attention Citizens!

 Crowdsourcing Good
 Brain Scan - David Gelernter   Brain Scan - Vinod Khosla 

 Food deserts   A wireless heart   Brian Scan - Stephen Wolfram 

 Brain Scan - Dean Kamen   Brain Scan - Hans Rosling   CES - To infinity and beyond 

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