Mark Harris
 Radio, TV and live
Despite having a face made for radio, I have made occasional TV appearances and even been allowed to talk in public. Didn't make a lot of sense, mind.

TechVi BBC Radio Five Live Sky News Sky One - Shameful Secrets of the '70s, '80 and '90s
 TechVi   BBC Radio Five Live   Sky News   Sky One 
The wonder of Skype means that anyone can be a talking head at a moment's notice - here I am opining on Gmail outages. You may occasionally catch my dulcet tones bleating on about digital cameras on this talk radio station. I have often been seen on Sky News, talking live about the latest techy gadgets. I was a 'talking head' on the Shameful Secrets of the '70s, '80s and '90s. Stylophone anyone?

BBC Radio Kent FiveFWD - The Gadget Show Grand Designs Live  
 BBC Radio Kent  The Gadget Show  Grand Designs Live  
For about six months, I reviewed DVDs and films for Home County folk. Nothing too scary of course, though. I've written dozens of Best Buy gadget reviews for this online extension of the blokey Gadget Show TV. I chaired and co-presented a seminar on Smart Homes at the inaugural GDL exhibition at London Excel.  

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